Kopi O Peng

I was never a fan of iced coffee (or anything cold in general) but I’ve been addicted to iced black coffee lately. Tried a few this week and not all were great, though they were from the same chain following a rigid set of instructions. The coffeemaker makes a helluva difference.

The coffee is called Kopi O Peng. The best cup I drank had a lovely blend of caffeine and ice, hitting the right balance of sweetness and bitterness. It was made by an uncle who was precise and efficient in his craft.

Located in a heartland mall, this traditional chain with a rich history is always packed. Finding a table can sometimes be difficult. It’s a place where the staff know most of the diners and their preferences. Dudes like me seemed out of place in a sea of regulars.

I’m already looking forward to drinking this beverage every Tuesday night while waiting for my son to finish his music lesson. Who knows if I drop by frequent enough, I might have my coffee made just by making eye contact.