Keeping A Distance

Roger’s workshop is on the Isle of Man — far away from the heart of the industry in Switzerland. In fact, he’s the only watchmaker on the Isle of Man, and one of very few in the UK.

Roger Smith is a watchmaker, and he’s one of the finest around.

Being far away is good for him. When the influences aren’t around, he can get on with the day’s work and make what he wants to make.

Jason Fried adds that when we are subjected to too much influences, we begin doing their work instead of ours.

Learn to be aware of what’s great, but do our own stuffs.

When a day begins without the Internet, it’s quiet, calm and waiting for us to fill it up. It comforting to be free of the bombardment of news and other stuffs vying for our attention.

All forms of creative works require solitude at some point. This deliberate practice is essential to our well-being, regardless of the activities we pursue – writing, cooking or photography.

It’s not about disconnecting altogether, it’s being carving out space for ourselves.