Kai Branch – Offscreen Magazine

Kai Branch, editor of Offscreen Magazine shares his journey in creating this excellent magazine.

It’s one of my favourite publications. The attention-to-detail that goes into it is amazing. From the choice of typeface to the magazine’s dimension, from the selection of content to the personnel interviewed, it’s quite simply breathtaking. Rightly put, Kai said it offers a distraction-free way to read up the people behind the pixels. I agree, because it makes for a good read everywhere – coffee table, on airplane, library, on bed. It’s versatile and light and pleasant.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing right from the start.

The first effort to raise fund resulted in a failed Kickstarter project. Kai pressed on, determined to see if he can produce something worthwhile for his family and friends. This is a far cry from what things are now – strong community support with sponsors’ backing.  

His journey is one filled with bumpy rides. Failure is inevitable. Having the belief and tenacity to grind through an opening, going the distance to fulfil his dream is indeed a lesson we all can learn from. 

Sometimes, I wish I could produce something of this quality. A man can dream, I know.