It’s The Details That Matter

Philippe Starck:

We never retouched the project which means that from 2007, to the launch this year it is basically still the same,” Starck said. “We spent just one day every six weeks, for five years, on refinements. Millimetre by millimetre. Detail by detail.

So delicate, so precise, right down to every minute detail.

There is not a single useless item inside… not a single useless pillow, or a useless object. In that sense, it is the opposite of other boats. Other boats try to show off more and more. Venus is revolutionary. It’s the extreme opposite.

Job’s design process is not to remove everything right down to the bare minimum. Rather, it’s about building things from the bottom up. If things ain’t necessary, they would be left out.

Big or small, yacht or nano, it’s reflective of its obsessive personality for simplicity.

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