It Means Everything

This is what it feels like to be using Apple products. The thoughts that went into the designing were comprehensive. Choosing what to exclude is always the hardest thing. Beneath the familiar interface is a phase of rejecting several thousands ideas. Some bad ones. Some good ones. And a few great ones.

As much as I like Apple products, I’m more in awe of the culture of the company.

It distinguishes by their relentless approach for perfection, their dedication for the craft from their employees, and of course their unwavering path to innovate. It’s a proud culture and they are happy to announce before the world. It’s not a peek a boo game. Now the commercial has once again reinforce the values apple stand for, it’s time for the world to sit back and appreciate, be mindful and admire the goodies.

What the commercial focuses on is not on the product. In fact, it has never been the product. It’s about the user. You and me. Everything Apple do is about bringing delight to the common people on the street. This continues on from a series of commercials where it depicts everyday people interacting with the phone. It’s about expressing the human touch and connection we know.

There’s not much words in the commercial. The entire script is superbly written and nicely narrated. It flows really well and brings out the connection we have with our phone. My favorite quote:

We spent a lot of time
On a few great things.
Until every idea we touch
Enhances each life it touches

P.S.: Try dragging the words and sentences in the picture with the beautiful lady in it. Discovering it for the first time is a little magical, like a child stumbling upon a candy when he’s not expecting one.

Watch it again, it’s worth another run. Designed by Apple in California