Is Dark Chocolate A Health Food?

Dark chocolate is a health food.

Chocolate is a health food.

Cocoa is a health food.

Wait, since when cocoa is a health food?

We have decades of condition to thank for, with the biggest chocolate producers in the world like Nestle, Mars and Hershey’s funding the scientific studies and research.

Growing steadily over the years, the chocolate industry is now a $19B playground. Naturally, nobody wants to be looked upon as eating sinful treats like chocolate. But if you could cite reports backed by studies and journalist proving that dark chocolate is beneficial to our health, we can readily and happily indulge in the dark bar with less guilt.

In the article by Vox, it says “Mars and [other chocolate companies] made a conscious decision to invest in science to transform the image of their product from a treat to a health food,”

Findings may be skewed or biased in favour of these food companies. Indeed. “By spending a lot of money on one topic but not another, [it] can sort of create a publication bias,” said Richard Bazinet, a University of Toronto nutrition researcher. In other words, companies pouring money into studying a certain food and a specific set of questions about that food pushes the research agenda in a particular direction — one that the food companies favor.”

I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, but this article confirms what we knew all along – that those in power controls how things are perceived. They can exercise their influence to manipulate news and alter our state of mind.

So there, as with most things, consume in moderation and life will be happier and healthier.