iPhone vs Mirrorless Camera

It’s the quite brilliant iPhone 5S coming up against Fujifilm X-T1. While we all know the iPhone these days is capable of taking some breathtaking pictures, but how does it fare side-by-side against a formidable competitor in the form of a mirrorless camera?

In essence, the iPhone is more than enough to capture those fleeting moments when we don’t want to bring along a dedicated camera. Even against direct competition, the 5S is able to produce good pictures. However, once the light dimmed, that’s where the iPhone showed its limitation. Details are lost and nosies are prominent.

Each time the itch to buy a mirrorless camera arises, I ask myself if it’s worth the financial outlay and the investment in mastering the controls. After all, a tool can only has so much influence over the outcome. I’m a novice when it comes to photography, so I doubt even with a X-T1 in my hands, the pictures will instantly turn out to be more remarkable. 

Many a time, the iPhone is suffice for me. With the advance in technology and the emphasis on developing better camera in smartphones, we are going to get even better quality pictures in the near future.