Insanely Simple

I’m halfway through Ken Segall’s book Insanely Simple. It’s a page-turner, distilling the concept to its essence. The writing is clear and free of fillers, akin to the title of the book.

One doesn’t have to be a marketer or in the creative sector to appreciate this book. The idea of simplicity can be applied to our lives – par down our choices and learn to live simple.

Obama is the famous example where he wears the same outfit everyday, so he could conserve his limited cognitive energy for more important matters.

Likewise, I’m looking likewise to simplify in my life. What are the areas I could simplify? Last night, I did a quick cleaning and sorting of my wardrobe. Donating away the clothing I almost never wear (about 10% of my outfit), the space appears more spacious and neat.

Is simplicity the same as minimalism? I reckon they share similar traits and could be used interchangeably. Minimalism sometimes gives the vibe of stylish and effortless dudes. Same plain t-shirts in multiple quantities, same color socks so they could lose one and the world wouldn’t end. Their apartment are white-washed, their gadgets are all single colored.

I like the idea but I’m not sure if I’ll ever live this way. Imagine a minimalism gathering where all the other guys are in almost the same outfit. That would be so cool. Wait, cool? Well, isn’t that the kind of uniform for minimalist dudes?

I was in the police force a decade ago and during those years, we wore the same shirt, same pants, same sleeping wear everyday. It sure was liberating because you don’t even give much thought to what you should wear. They’re all the same. I just have to ensure they’re cleaned and ironed.

Essentialism, less but more, simplicity, minimalism.

The concept – that we must be deliberate with our choices – is more important than the words used to describe it.