Indie Magazines – Offscreen Picks

This festive season has an extremely busy period for me. The yearly duty of reservist is sucking away all my energy. I can’t do much except spending most of my off days at home, recuperating from the lack of sleep.

It definitely damper the mood a little, but we still had a wonderful time exchanging presents and the Christmas Eve meal is lovely as well. I thought this would be a good time to get the pot out, make yourself a hot cup of beverage and stuff yourself full with Scottish shortbread and Belgian waffle. How would time pass without the obliging form of a good book and magazine.

This year, one of my favourite magazine – Offscreen – put together a giveaway of 24 such indie magazines. Some you may already know, some may be new to you. And by the time you read this post, the giveaway may be over already. But this is less about winning than about discovering publications you may have missed or never heard of.

So there, clink the glasses, warm yourself under the blanket and rejoice at the white white land. I hope you have had a wonderful year and here’s wishing you a merry merry christmas.