In Praise Of Sunday Papers

Except for the weekly Sunday papers, I haven’t been reading newspaper for more than a year.

As a person who’s used to reading papers as part of the routine, I expected to get withdrawal symptoms. What is the world happening around me? Since I’m in the line of business development and marketing, I must be updated on the domestic and global events.

Will people assume I’m an ignorant fellow who turns a blind eye to news? Will I appear shallow in conversations where colleagues know everything and I get left out?

The truth is, nobody cares.

In the past, my morning routine over breakfast would be flipping through the papers, scanning the headlines and zooming into interesting ones. It doesn’t apply anymore.

Sure, I need a fair amount of industry, local and global knowledge in planning strategies for the company. The difference is, I selectively look for news that are essential to my line of work.

News make me depressed. We cannot change the dampen state that’s blanketing the world now, but we can avoid the negativity surrounding it.

Sunday paper is different. It has an upbeat and jovial mood to its coverage. The articles are more lighthearted, focusing on lifestyle topics like food, travel, books and sports.

Just the way I like it.