If I Had A Collection

I asked myself, if I were to own an awesome collection of collectables, pieced together slowly and lovingly over decades, what would it be?

How about a grand collection of matchboxes, collected over a half a century.

The Internet has made the job of collection so much simpler. Trades can now be made anywhere, anytime. The missing item can always be found somewhere, so it’s a matter of bartering or paying the right price for the things you want.

Has it reduce the joy of what a collector might feel if he had walked into a old run-down shop in the back alley, browsing through those dust covered sleeves in hope of uncovering some gems? The bliss when he just stumbled upon the missing piece amidst the pile of goods can never be rivalled, especially when compared with what we can do now with a few clicks that generated results in a flash. That’s what technology has provided us – convenience. We want and demand instant gratification.

So, is it still worth starting a collection, from scratch?

Certainly. It takes love, effort and commitment to maintain a collection. The surge of emotions, the ups and downs through the journey of collecting, sourcing and growing will always remain invaluable. It’s what collecting, and many aspects of life all about – the journey. I’m sure everyone would get some joy out of being a collector of something. I’m just not so sure what to start. Matchbox seems like a charming and romantic item to consider.

(Picture courtesy of Bonnie Tsang)