Whatsapp: Staple app by default. I have been using it for a while already and almost everyone I know has it.

1Password: It‘s the governing app for all my passwords. Initially I wasn‘t too keen on it but having taken the time and effort to integrate it into my workflow, it feels the investment is worth it. Now, it‘s an indispensable tool and I like the flawless sync between it and the rest of my devices.

Spotify: I‘m not a regular music listener but when I do, the ease of having access anywhere is an option I‘d like to have. Though the songs are not entirely comprehensive in my region, I will accept the compromise for now. It‘s a trade-off for the convenience it provides.

Simplenote: It’s the depository for all my notes, mostly long forms which doesn’t belong in Scratch. It contains all kind of information – from dining places to blog ideas to inspiring quotes from books.

Flipboard: Occasionally, I like to browse through Flipboard. The page flipping interface is addictive. It doesn’t make for a more refined reading experience as compared to iPad, but for reading and browsing on-the-go, it’s good enough.

Reeder: The latest version spots a clean and sleek interface. In the morning commute to work, I catch up on all the news happening in my RSS feed. It‘s a well designed product that provides a very capable platform for reading within the app or glancing through the pile of articles in a hurry.

Instapaper: The scene for read-later is competitive, with services like Pocket and Readability offering a strong alternative. Instapaper, however, is my first choice due to its highly refined UI. I like the way it brings up the article to the section where you last read, and the sync between devices has been flawless.

Day One: A favourite of mine. Before I discover this, I journal sparingly and the snippets are often discarded all over the place. Now, Day One holds my memories – the jovious and the grevious thoughts. It‘s much more than just an app to me. It‘s a trusty companion I return to day in day out to document my life in.

Scratch: A new addition. Before this, I have been using Draft. Both are very similar in that they‘re gateway notepad. A place to temporary hold your thoughts before delgating them to the rightful place. These days, I prefer Scratch over Draft as the UI appeals more to me.

Todoist: It used to be my primarily GTD tool until I switched to a more traditional approach of pen and paper. There are times though, when entering a task in my phone is more convenient and appropriate. This is when Todoist comes in handy.

Fantastical: The best calendar app there is. Obviously, adding an entry using natural language is a big plus but the overall feel and presentation of the app is very polished. I like the way when you tilt the screen to landscape mode, it shows you a summarised schedule of the day. The reminder system is well integrated with iOS and I recently uninstalled Checkmark in favour of this.

Newsstand: I only have one publication in there – Offline. It feels polished and the choice of writing spans across varies interests. In time to come, I will probably subscribe to The Magazine and a few others as well.

Phone & Message: I still make calls and send lots of messages. To me, a phone wouldn‘t be a phone without these two core functions.

Camera: Camera phone has progress leaps and bounds since its inception. Now, it is a capable of taking very competent shots and this is my primary camera.

In the dock, I chose to have three apps instead of filling them up with four. It‘s a personal preference as I think it makes the space appear less cluttered. I‘m not alone in this, as shown by some of the guys from 37 signals and also many others out there.

Guilty pleasure

App Store. I love wandering around in there. It‘s like a big world. Sometimes I surf aimlessly and clicking always lead me to be discovery of other apps. It‘s an addiction and now I have the App Store hidden in the folder, away from my sight.

Social apps like Instagram, Tweetbot, Riposte and Path are relegated to the second page. They are addictive and I find myself looking through all the time if they’re within sight. So far, adding a barrier has limit my usage to a more manageable level.

In The Morning

The first thing I wake up in the morning is to pick up the phone. It’s my alarm and much more. Waking up in the morning is hard enough, so a neat way to start the day right is by looking at things I like. That means I customise the message when the alarm goes off to “Time for coffee”. It definitely makes me happier than reading the default word “alarm”.

Throughout the day, the iPhone is always never far from me. It’s my control system and almost all the things I want and need to do, this little pocket gadget can handle them. I bet I’m not the only one that thinks making call is the least used function of the phone. Primarily, it still serves what phones are originally made for – communication. It’s just that we are adopting a different approach on how we keep in touch.