Home Screen – 2013 and Now

Home Screen 2013 Home Screen 2014

A year on, my home screen now looks radically different from the iOS 6 version a year back. Besides the noticeable flat interface and a fresh coat of wallpaper, many of the apps have also changed.

Some became my mainstay – like Day One, Spotify, Instapaper and Checkmark. Some new ones have taken over the old guards, like Unread replacing Reeder as my reader of choice.

The dock though, remains the same. I have a preference for having just three icons instead of filling all four up. And those three haven’t changed, as I want instant tap on phone, messages and camera function.

Also, I appreciate and like to have the function of whitespace. Leaving the last row empty gives the phone a less cluttered look. Visually, it’s also easy on the eyes.

It’s interesting to look back and see how my preference for choice of apps has changed, or will change over the years. Last week, Picturelife showed me this picture of home screen taken a year back. For continuity, August will be the month I reflect on this topic again.