Good Year Bad Times

2014 was a good year for Mintype. I published more than I initially thought, though plenty of them were linked-posts. But still, it’s a small step towards achieving consistency in my writing schedule.

Towards the tail-end of last year, I slacked off. I could blame it on a myriad of factors, lay on tons of excuses but the truth is, I didn’t push through enough to last the distance. As such, I made a commitment for this year. To continue doing what I have been doing – posting regularly – things that interests me no matter how nonsensical it may seem. And secondly, I aim to post my personal thoughts on the things I’ve been using for a period of time. They can be tangible items like backpack or digital stuffs like apps. Regardless of what, they will be written in the natural context I use them for. I very much yearn to write a similar style like Minimally Minimal and The Newsprint – thoughtful inputs accompanied by lovely pictures, but my photography skills are miles off their high standards. Right now, my thoughts for such reviews are written in bits and pieces, scattered over different notebooks. Someday, I will put them up together. Someday.

Yesterday I Said Today

Our efficiency to complete work correspond to the time given. At the start of the year we draft resolutions. We brought over the balance of past years resolutions that seem to grow longer and longer. But fret not, we have a full year ahead, isn’t it? Eventually, we drift on and on, casting an eye on the list yet never fully committing to completing them. Before we know, it’s the time of the year to wind down and celebrate the closure of the year. And it goes on…

A few days back, I had the desire to write here. Not that I haven’t been writing – I write on Day One daily without fail and now I’m hoping the same routine sticks on the awesome Hobonichi Techo as well. The few lines I started on many places like Simplenote, Scratch, iA Writer and the WordPress CMS itself stay as they are – just few lines of words lying aimlessly on their respective platform. It’s like trying to regain back the distance you have lost after weeks of hibernating from running. It’s like the heavy first touch after a long break from playing football. The style and class aren’t gone, but you have lost the momentum and traction that inches you forward. The good news is I know it will return, and all I have to do is to keep on writing.

And ladies and gentlemen, this is my first post of 2015. May it be the first of many in this flourishing year.

PS: I wrote this a few days back in the office and wanted to publish it on the night when I returned home. Instead, it’s only now that I got to publishing what you are reading here.