Good Writing

What constitutes good writing?

Good writing is a pleasure to read.

Short sentences, concise expression, unpretentious words. And honesty.

I’m drawn to people (and brands) who write this way.

Jason Fried. Shawn Blanc. John Grubber. Hiut Denim.

Jason Fried said rhythm is the most important element of great writing. Great writing has momentum, it has bounce, it propels you along. It’s like gently jumping from one trampoline to another, never slamming onto hard ground. And by the end, you feel better for having read it.

My favourite writers use clear language that are easily understood. That’s the appeal. Beautiful language is simplicity.

Taking this a step farther, Gary Prostov advocates writing akin to music.

Start with short sentences. And draw the readers in. When the readers are rested, engage them with longer sentences – filled with vigour and poise. Write with short, medium, and long sentences. Create rhythm and harmony. Don’t just write. Write music.