Getting Things Done The Traditional Way

  1. Grab a piece of paper
  2. Write the tasks on the paper
  3. Do the tasks written on the paper

As simple as that. No need to fiddle with the latest GTD apps. Things should mould to fit our lifestyle and the way we work. Too often, I find myself building my workflow around the digital gadget that’s supposed to help me manage my to-do lists of items. I’m adjusting myself to accommodate them, and this doesn’t seem right.

Now, I have a traditional and ultra portable booklet of task paper by Muji that I bring everywhere. It’s much more satisfying to get the niggling tasks off my head by writing them down. I find it provides me with more perspective on the things needed to me done, compared to the apps I used in the past.

Every completed task gets checked. The act of ticking off those boxes can be so rewarding, so fulfilling. It’s like conditioning ourselves to accomplish the tasks on the list, something I never experience before.