Getting Personal: Brands That Touches

I received a package in the mailbox. In times of hyper-connected communications, it feels good to receive a physical mail.

The enveloped was not labeled with logo of corporations. It was addressed to me. The writing was hand-written. The return address looks familiar, but I don’t recall knowing anyone from the premise.

I opened it up immediately, half-assuming it was another junk.

It was a letter asking me to take care during this trying period, with complimentary masks. The sender was a travel insurance company I bought a policy from last year. They are staying true to its essence – protecting its customers and giving them a peace of mind.

It’s a small gesture that touches me. Always heartening to know brands that care about its customers. This is the kind of thoughtful initiative I hope more brands can adopt.

Check-in on your customers, gift them something, build or strengthen the bond.

People appreciate brands that care. I’m happy that instead of unsolicited junk, it’s a handy gift.

P.S.: I forgive them for misspelling my name.