Foreign Talent Singapore

We call them foreign talent.

FT for short.

A minority call them foreign thrash.

In a population dense city like Singapore, one can often be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people. Skyscrapers everywhere, shopping malls are sprouting up. Housing estates are fulfilling the needs of expanding population.

As we prosper as a country, blue collar jobs are generally shunned in favour of jobs that are perceived as more glamorous – bankers, doctors, lawyers, executives. But the cornerstone of the nation is built with the collective efforts of individuals. People that left their homeland to work here and support their families back home.

Though they’re down-to-earth and humble, they dream to achieve bigger things. They want to develop their interests – volunteer, photographer, poet, entrepreneur. They are so much more than the roles they hold here. It’s a timely reminder that we dreams make us alive, and moving the needle forward towards our goals – even if it’s just an inch – can give us so much hope.

The next time you see them taking the public transport, don’t cast them an annoying glance. They’re here to help us with chores we don’t want to do. Let us be more appreciative of them and be more gracious in our efforts to be an inclusive society.