First Thing In The Morning

When the alarm rings, I hit the snooze button instinctively. Most times, I snoozed so much I would be better off waking up at a later time.

Half awake, I pick up the phone and scroll through the homescreen. Left to right, and right to left. Nothing in particular but the feeling of holding onto something makes me feel alive. If time permits, I would look through the tweets for interesting happenings.

The phone has become such an indispensable object in my life that it’s the first thing I look for in the morning, and the last thing I touch at night. Throughout the day, it is always with me and much of my lifestyle habits are based on this tiny but powerful gadget.

I used to wake up to the irritating ringing of the alarm clock. It is detestable for a logical reason – to be awake. Then, I wash up and have a simple breakfast, accompanied by the morning paper.

The alarm is replaced by the phone. And much of my daily news feeds are provided via RSS, neatly presented in my phone. I still love the sensation of slapping the alarm clock to get that additional minutes of eye-shut, and the sense of completeness when I’m done browsing the morning paper.

Things change. But fundamentally, the concept still remains the same. We are just using a different approach for our routine.