Firefox Revisisted

These days, Firefox is an afterthought. I use Safari as my primary browser for work related activities, and Chrome for entertainment purposes. Clear boundary is being defined and it has over time, conditioned me to curb the instinct to procrastinate and surf the net aimlessly when I should be getting work done.

Where does this leaves Firefox?

Of course, having used it for quite some time in the past, I couldn’t just abandon it altogether. I have fond memories of the browser war between Firefox and Opera. Those were exciting days, where updates and improvements were pushed out frequently. Now, I still use FF but it’s being reduced to clicking a few of my favourite sites every night. It’s like coming back to something you once hold dear, but a little irrelevant in the today’s context.

With the release of Firefox 29 (something I lost track of), positive reviews from people I follow reignite my interest. Maybe the sleeping wizard could be revitalised and comes reinvented.

I have always admire the openness of Mozilla and the kind of Internet they are envisioning. The values align with mine and sometimes, that’s enough to entice customer to choose one product/ service/ brand over the competition. Of course, values and promise hold little if the product itself couldn’t hold its own against the rest. I’m pleasantly surprised with how speedy it is, its responsiveness and the overall aesthetic.

On Firefox’s homepage, it prompts the question of “What matters to you?” I chose learning. I have learn so much and still constantly absorbing knowledge from the net. We should strive to keep and harvest the culture of sharing information for everyone’s benefit.

So together, let’s build a better future. Shape the future of the web through Mozilla, a non-profit organisation that respects its user. Their steadfastness in its principles is commendable and I hope they will be around for a long time.