Feels Like Driving In The Future

The way we interact with the dashboard in our car is in dire need of a massive overhaul. It seems like an area that has been given too little thoughts. Over the decades, nothing much have changed.

Our eyes should always be focused on the road while driving, or at least the angle of vision shouldn’t be so way off, like looking at the GPS positioned somewhere in the car. Same goes for reading our speed, looking at the fuel gauge etc. We are taking our eyes off the road. If only the information could be seen on the windscreen, it would make things so much easier, comfortable and safer.

I first came across the idea of projecting information directly onto the windscreen in Monocle, and I thought this concept is great and it would really be helpful to drivers. Since then though, I haven’t keep a close watch on its development until today, where my Twitter feed flashed this on the screen: FEELS LIKE DRIVING IN THE FUTURE

Developed by Navdy, it feels like an engineering victory – combining ease of use with some of the much needed improvements to the way we process information as a driver. The hand gestures of picking up the call, ending it and texting looked a little over the top to me. Nevertheless, people who are constantly on the phone and messaging will find this an extremely helpful feature.

Shipping early 2015 with a retail price of $499, it’s a reasonable price to be an early adopter of what will be a industry-changing trend.