Falling In Love With Magazines and Branding, Again

Magazines and branding. 2 things I really enjoy in life.

In the magazine B, I like the deep dive into a brand, starting with the brand philosophy, and how they have gather a loyal following (mostly) through their values.

Readers get a 360 view of the brand – from the top guy (the founder if he/she is still at the helm), to the employees, to its fans, to the public’s perception.

The brands that I admire – Apple, APC and Muji amongst others – have one singular trait weaving through them.


This simplicity approach is apparent in everything they do – from the design, to the communication, to the marketing. It’s their dedication to remain steadfast in their principles that made me a fan.

Simplicity is hard to achieve when we are surrounded by clutter these days. Some decisions are driven by trends. Some are made because they don’t want to lag behind. And some choices are taken because everyone else is doing it.

Which makes these brands even more admirable, because they stood out by not standing out.

Going into any of their stores restores tranquilly in my hectic lifestyle and cluttered head.

Electronic devices, fashion, lifestyle products. Looks like I pretty much got them all covered with these 3 brands.