Facebook Is Just Fine

Craig Mod

Facebook keeps me connected to folks I care deeply about. And more specifically: folks I care deeply about who aren’t nearby.

While I’m not a feverish advocate of Facebook, I don’t dislike it either. In recent times, they are under intense scrutiny, especially after their IPO. They are being branded negatively, harshly and unfairly in some manners by the opinionated and vocal groups. Certain points are well justified, some are blatantly amusing.

Just because it doesn’t fits into your lifestyle doesn’t mean it is of no value to others. While it doesn’t fit into your worldview, another pair of eyes would be looking keenly through them.

The takeaway is to increase the signal to noise reduce. Reduce the noises by muting people who you are not deeply concerned about. Doing so will allow your feeds to show up updates by people you care about.

Sometimes, we don’t have to justified to ourselves. At the end of the day, if it works for you, use it. Use them intelligently and prudently.