Explaining Why Typography Matters

Thomas Phinney:

It’s like watching a film: The average movie-goer knows little or nothing about camera movement and film editing, and rarely consciously notices these things, yet directors can still affect viewers by using these techniques. Similarly, people can be affected by good typography without being actively aware of it.

Good typography has a direct correlation on how receptive we are to the content. However great the content is, the supporting element like typography is also the key to making them stand out.

Type is subtle, but it also has a profound impact on user experience. Each font has a personality that presents the identity of the content. We often take good typography for granted but turn away and scoff at bad ones.

And it is with this experience that makes me keen in exploring the subject of type. I like the way we can set the mood with the right type and convey emotions with them. It’s the little things that matter, and in the little way words can be such a powerful communicator.