Everyday Heroes

Countries are locking down after one another. People are practicing social distancing. Businesses are closing their shutters, and some are unlikely to ever open again.

This is a scale of unprecedented isolation, forced upon by a virus we have yet to find a cure for. The impact descended upon the world by COVID-19 is more than just death.

We see the ugly side of humans – the fight over toilet rolls, the hoarding of groceries, the tussle for surgical mask. First world nations or not, the innate nature of human behaviours do not differ much. We are still as paranoid over the loss of basic needs as our ancestors were over their next meal.

While the spotlight rightfully shines on the dedicated healthcare workers sacrificing themselves for the wellbeing of many others, lets not forget plenty of other frontline heroes that are also selflessly working to keep the system going. They are the difference between chaos and social sanity.

They deserve every bit of our respect and more. A sincere appreciation from the bottom of my heart to:

  • Grocer
  • Police Officer
  • Cook
  • Wait Staff & Server
  • Bus Captain
  • Taxi Driver & Private Hirer
  • Childcare Worker
  • Pharmacist

And many more who have dedicated themselves to serve the public during difficult time like now.