Drip Maple Syrup

There’s definitely a change in the outlook of how packagings tend to look these days. The days of cluttered designs have given way to the “less is more” motto.

The concept is not just about rendering the item to its bare essentials – it’s also about showcasing the contents and allowing them to take centre stage. While packagings are constantly competing for shoppers’ attention, the subtle and understated qualities of a clean design can be so easy on the eyes.

The bottle of maple syrup by Drip epitomises this idea and executed it quite nicely. The design is consistent with the brand’s direct and honest values.

Of course, the world of syrup packaging is pretty staid – so we sought to inject some personality and life into the branding, all the while letting the beauty of the maple take centre stage (hence the clear glass). After much searching we settled on the broad shouldered bottle as it was honest, simple and poured very well. Maple syrup is such a precious commodity – it comes only once a year, in one very small geographical area and is one of the few products on earth that is entirely as nature has provided.

It reminds me of Nutella’s new limited edition bottle. It’s something I can see many other brands doing in the foreseeable future – simple and clean approach in as many touch-points as possible.