Doodle Jump 2

Doodle Jump was my first third-party game on mobile OS.

That was 9 years ago. In my hands was a OEM tablet from China, which we rebranded into our own by sticking our logo on it. Nothing fancy, but it worked.

Android was a whole new world for me then. Google Play store was like a candy shop with unlimited loots, all so attractive and alluring. I remembered Doodle Jump as one of the top games, if not the top game in the store.

I downloaded it and was hooked to the gameplay. The mechanic is simple, but the desire to better the previous scores kept me going again and again.

So, it brought back fond memories when I read the news of Doodle Jump 2. Not sure if fans saw the sequel coming but it’s been 11 long years. Surpassing a classic that’s so well-loved is hard, but something they might have pulled off.

Judging by Doodle Jump 2 review at MacStories, I’m happy to know it still retains many familiar elements that made the game so fun and addictive. What’s new are stages filled with fresh challenges, sprinkled with whimsical touches.

It’s a quick game that suits my current lifestyle – a few quick rounds to fill pockets of time.