Don’t Need An iPad

More on my desire to own an iPad, rather than a real need for that.

Much of my everyday needs can be fulfilled with the Macbook Pro and iPhone. The screen on the retina Macbook is gorgeous and it has been a really trusty companion since I got it last year. The iPhone of course, is the hub of everything I do simply because it’s always with me. It’s a very competent device packed into the size of my palm.

So where does that leave the iPad?

I would love to have it. I want to bring it for my commute to work, for me to catch up on the news. I imagine reading RSS and Flipboard would be way more enjoyable on the bigger screen. I want to lie comfortably on my bed and watch a few episodes of Mad Men.

In many ways, the iPad would complement the phone and laptop. It’s not a replacement and neither should it be that way. Given the means, I would have no qualms about getting one. It’s just the ideal device to have, such a fine piece of engineering and design marvel.

When we are engulfed among the marketing efforts of must-have, and the people and sites we follow start to wax positive things on them, the line between needing something and “good-to-have-but-not-necessary” starts to blur.

The question we should be asking ourselves is whether we need it, now and in the near future. In what way can it add values to our life. In many ways, the activities I want and foresee myself doing with the iPad can be replicated with my existing devices already.

Marco Arment echoes my sentiment fully:

If you can’t afford both an iPad and a laptop, and you’re technically proficient enough to enjoy my site, you probably shouldn’t get an iPad at all.

You’d probably be better served getting a laptop (as your only computer) first, a smartphone second, and maybe an e-ink Kindle if you want a bigger screen for portable reading.

This is what exactly I’m going to do. Christmas is about to arrive and new year is just on the horizon. The money saved from not getting an iPad now and using that amount to grab the kindle will be very much welcomed. Besides. I can follow up on my long list of to-read articles and books over the festive season.