Don’t Just Consume, We Need To Produce

The world is moving so fast to the point that it is only going to get faster. So much information to devour, so much technology to explore. So much to understand and think about.
It’s a fact that in our current world, we are living in a information-overloaded state. Never before has information being made so readily available for anyone, anywhere, anytime. We complain about them, we whine about them cluttering up our lives. We are like a hamster stuck running on a wheel.

The inevitable wave coming at us

We quicken our pace to match the speed around us. We stay up till 2am trying to answer our emails, we keep in touch with people through facebook and we scan instagram for pictures. We scan websites for the latest update to keep in sight with the happenings.

The speed in which information are charging at us is inevitable. The problem is we are being counter productive by trying to absorb everything. Now, the emergence of technology has blurred the distance factor. What was once unthinkable in terms of producing and sharing content can be done with the mere click of a button.

With that, more and more people are publishing their thoughts, views and opinions. And these can only be for the better. Better for creators, better for consumers, better for the world.

Our voices get drowned

All these, however, come with a tradeoff. The struggle becomes apparent when our own voice gets drown beneath the waves that are coming at us constantly. When we consume so much, we don’t have enough space to digest. We don’t have the appetite to digest what’s interesting, because all we do is to gobble up what’s in front of us, without really tasting them.

That’s exactly what’s happening to many of us. We don’t form our views, opinions and direction. As we read one article after another, we are consuming the thinking of others.

So what’s my point? Healthy consumption is good for our well being. The risk attached to over consumption is that it dilute our reasoning to form our own thoughts. We should take a step back, have our own space to formulate our thinking.

It’s important to come to our own conclusion. We mustn’t come to the stage where our opinions are dictated by the words we read on the screens and papers.

The diet of consumption

Picture this, you walk into this restaurant, and a spread appears before you. You hesitate for a moment, pondering on what to start with, because there are so many choices before your eyes. Before long, you start attacking the food, one by one. As your plate starts to fill up, so does your stomach.

The spread in front of you is so irresistible. Presented with so many options, you just gobble down everything, without really tasting the food. The chef have put in considerable effort into whipping up those dishes, the waiters are relentlessly making their rounds to replenish them. But you might not notice it, because all you’re concern is, consuming more and more. In time to come, and before we realise it, we have grown obese, and we’re so used to the habit of over eating.

Eventually, we reach the point when everything is tasteless. Now we are fat, and now we also lost the ability to think. Everything is spoon fed.

To keep in shape, exercise more instead of eating less

So, does it mean we eat less, or stop eating altogether? No, that’s not a good idea. To keep in shape, we need to exercise. If we don’t exercise to keep in shape, we grow obese. Exercising is also a way to maintain our mental well being.

When we eat, it is to provide us with energy to get on with our daily lives. When we consume more, it is only logical that we have to expand these excess kilojoules before it becomes fat.

Change the world, share the knowledge

Knowledge is power. But having that power stored somewhere inside you, without putting it to good use, is useless. Apply that knowledge you have, share with the world.

Become a creator, instead of being a mere consumer. Pen your thoughts down, then share it with the world. Take time off your hectic schedule to formulate your own thinking.

Just the notion of doing these is crucial to our creative and intellectual thinking. We mustn’t let our appetite for knowledge and information diminish our capacity to think for ourselves.

The more you do it, the more fluent it becomes. You exercise harder, and the appetite for your own thinking soared. The fats that was once visible on your tummy has now turn into pages of drafts sitting in your blog, waiting to be published.

So, starting from today, document things you like, things you know. If you already own a blog, make a commitment to update it regularly.

Be a producer, not just a consumer.

Don’t settle for a house someone built. Craft your own castle, create your own legacy.

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