Do Without Stop. Don’t Go Back

I always wonder what it feels like to do something, create something and make something without the fear of the end product turning out to be bad.

The only thing holding me back from doing something new is the fear of it being not good enough. I would constantly go back to my work, edit, and eventually I find them not good enough to publish.

And rinse and repeat. I’d put off writing, creating for this very reason. I often wonder how it feels like to liberate myself from this burden.

The only way I can find out is to try it out. By experiencing what it is, I hope I’m freeing myself from the weight on my shoulder.

I find myself to be able to write better on a blank sheet of paper. I just don’t know why, but the motion of holding a pen, and putting words to paper is such a serene and calming feel. Words are able to flow, sentences are more structured, and most importantly, I feel good doing it. I don’t go back and edit them, even if there’s typo mistakes or anything. I just write, and write.

This is what it turned out to be. I chose my words a little more deliberately, my thoughts are a little more concise and this entire post was created without any form of editing. 

So, this is how it turned out to be.

A job done, a ghost put to rest.