Discovering New Apps

Discovering apps are fun. Discovering apps which you didn’t know could aid you in your life is even better.

Be it helping you to stay organised, be more productive or just trying out new apps because of the novelty value, we each have an agenda for doing what we are doing.

Blame the newly acquired Mac

Ever since I got the Macbook Pro two months back, I have been hooked on loading the apps into the little computer. I have never been a software person, I was never into things which promised to make me a more organised person through better management and stuffs like that.

But, once I started using it, the world of apps and software opened up on me like a little child opening to a door filled with teddy bears. Likewise, I embrace it with an open mind and willingness to learn what and how they can enhance my workflow.

The transaction from Windows to Mac has been seamless. As a Windows user for close to two decades, I’m surprised to admit I haven’t been missing out on Windows too much. I used to be a hardware geek, and over-clocking has always been a habit and passion for me. Guess I’m passed that phase now. What really intrigue and interest me is the overall design that perfectly balances aesthetic and performance.

Never mind the common fruit phone i’m using. Never mind being called a pretender by non-Mac users. As the fact goes, I’m enjoying using the Mac platform than I ever did on Windows/ Android.

If I have to pinpoint what exactly convinced me to make the above statement, I’d have to highlight how refined most apps are on iOS and Mac platform. Maybe in a couple of years, Android could catch up in terms of what they can offer. As for the desktop scene, Microsoft are on a downward spiral really.

Getting used to Paying

I guess the biggest challenge before me is the number of occasion i have to pay for software and applications. Maybe I’m consistency spoilt by free wares and getting alternatives for paid software. On the topic of paying for applications, services and software, I’m right on top of that. I believe to truly support developers that have came up with things we deemed worthy, we need to let our feedbacks and pocket do the talking. Improve the system via feedbacks, support the developers by throwing money their way. Only through this route can we ensure that the developers know their work are being appreciated and may they continue to refine and roll out better versions in the future.

For Mac, this usually mean forking out a sizeable amount of money. The prices sure aren’t cheap, and the high barrier to entry probably deter and weed out those freebies seekers. I’m glad I tried some of first-class apps out, for they are absolutely wonderful and delightful to use. Now, I value them more of an investment than an expenses.

I will continue to uncover new apps and services, discover new indie developers and finding the app that fits right into my flow work is a wonderful experience.

Well, it’s no coincidence my pocket feels lighter these days. Maybe it will be even lighter in the future.