Design For The Gut

Mysterious Trousers, a software developing company shares their interesting insights on how apps can be designed to talk to the subconscious – the gut. They call it the visceral effect.

The little bouncy effect. The pull-to-refresh. It’s all the little details that makes things appealing. They are delightful and intriguingly crafted, and when they managed to pull them off, the results are stunningly beautiful and natural. Eventually, they gain mass adoption and we wonder how do we live without them.

It’s a very interesting take from a different angle. I can’t peel my eyes off exploding scenes and it’s just as satisfying to throw those birdies at random objects. Also, I have a sense of gratification when I strike items off the list in Clear.

Knowing that makes me more aware of how we interact with certain applications and objects in and around us. It makes me question our innate preference towards the release of kinetic energy akin to the release of our built-up frustration and tension within us.