Deleting Your Footprints

I came across this post by Shawn Blanc:

If you think you’ve reached a point where you can create work that never makes you cringe again, then you’re saying that what you do today will be just as good as what you do next month, next year, and in 5 years from now.

It makes me think about my past work. It’s painful to look at them. It’s awful to read through them because I understand how crappy it was. But this surge of emotion is a result of the progress I have made during this period.

I can attest to what others have done or contemplating to do to erase their footprints. Now they have come leaps and bounds from the dark days, it’s sounds logical to detach themselves away from the amateurish work they have done in the past. I have done so many times. I started several blogs and sites, now left abandoned somewhere out there because I feel as I improve, my past works seem out of place in the same premise.

As I clean the traces of my identity, I somehow feel the urge to revisit the work I’ve done. The idea of completely breaking free from my past signals a lack of character in embracing the journey that defines me today. Sometimes I chuckled at those articles, the structure of the sentences and the type of topics I engaged in. But they are precisely what defines me as a person at the time of writing.

This doesn’t sound right, nor is it a feasible option for me to hide my tracks anymore. My writing will remain here, because it’s the only way to be true to myself and Mintype.

Here’s to the future.