DayZ – The Game

Staring straight ahead, I wonder what it must be liked to be in a situation like this – stranded, alone, with no food. That’s not the end. Threats are coming from everywhere. Humans and non-humans.

You can’t trust anyone. You must keep moving. Each second, decisions must be made. Your survival hinges on you making the right call. One wrong move could prove to be fatal.

DayZ is a game plying on our innate instinct for survival. One life is all the gamer has. Imagine the tension, the emotional roller-coaster and the kill-or-be killed situations they are constantly in.

I wouldn’t play this game, but I guess there are many others who would. I love reading the stories of fellow gamers though. Heartfelt experience poured through the forum. The turmoil was real. Death felt real too.

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