Creative Sports Branding

Supporters love two things – local players that rose through the ranks and players that give their everything for the team.

For the former, it is an identity. Someone they can call their own. For the latter, fans appreciate players who sweat blood and bash through brick walls for the cause.

Nike has a campaign that epitomises this belief – a red jersey that comes in the form of blood transfusion pack. It’s eye catching and bold.

Nike Blood Jersey

While we’re on the subject of sports, I have been running casually for many years. I’m hooked to running events lately, and last week my partner and myself completed our inaugural event – a carnival-styled 3km walk/run around the heart of the city. Next month we have another event, a 10km run in the early morning.

I’m wearing a pair of Nike Free. Having worn out the last pair, I went on and purchased my current running companion last year. I like the minimal support and appreciate how light they are. Most importantly, they fits me. I have tried other brands like Asics, Puma, Adidas and Reebok before, but Nike Free comes out top in terms of comfortable.

These five brand logos come together to form an image of a shoe.

5 logos 1 shoe