Cloud Based Services

Insipired by this post on Swissmiss regarding cloud-based services, I decided to come out with my own list.

PictureLife: Backup my pictures and surfaces past memories

Backblaze: Handles the backup seamlessly in the background

Simplenote: I write everything in here – ideas, places to dine, quotes and many random things

A Small Orange: My host for this website

Spotify: Accessibility truimphs ownership. I stream instead of download

1Password: The vault that keeps my all my password

Feedly: The backbone for my RSS needs

Netflix: For The Walking Dead, Mad Men and House of Cards

Dropbox: The essential cog that connects everything together

Todoist: My GTD tool. A major plus point is that it’s available on every platform

Edit: I forgot Evernote, the depository of everything. The things it can do can be overwhelming. I use it to mainly store web clipping.