Building More Brand Knowledge

Ok, back to work…

But what am I working on?

Right now, I’m working on building up my knowledge on branding. I’ve always been a keen learner of branding, and I remain intrigued at how we are attracted to certain brands more than the others.

Despite having a marketing background and undertaken a branding project, I still raw in the field of branding. My dream is to be able to run my own studio, work with right people – clients and staffs – people who I’d like to have beer with afterwork. Those are the type of things that would energise me in the morning.

Ikigai – the reason for waking up every morning. My reason would be the best feeling in the world is to be surrounded by the people I’m happy to be with, and together we will create brands to bring them to the next level.

Behind every brand is a story. We will work to bring this story to the audience and craft a compelling space in the market.