Building Company Culture

“He will be away for a week”, my HR told us, “better get hold of him before he leaves”.

My boss is overseas for a week. That’s one week without supervision, and that means one week of slacking. Right?

But it never happened. The company still functions as it’s supposed to. Sales still come in and shipment still went ahead. People still report to work and knock off on time. My assumption about slacking is way off the truth.

Why exactly didn’t it happen?

Strong company culture and having the right people.

If we are able to instil a strong culture in the company, one where people know their roles well and also how others work, everything runs smoother. People come and go, they go on vacation or take sick leave, but we can still function. We will be able to cover for one another and function as a unit.

A strong company culture cannot be achieved without having the right people. The right people make things so much easier. They don’t grumble (much) because they just get on with it. Such people are fun to be with. Attitude matters more than attribute. Attitude is tough to correct whereas attributes can be picked up.

I’m glad that I work in a company with a great culture, surrounded with awesome colleagues.