BlackBerry Passport


This is the new phone due to be released. Unmistakably, it’s a BlackBerry. Its name is called Passport. CrackBerry has an early review of this mouth-watering device.

Having said that, It’s hard to imagine giving up on iOS and OS X for anything else in the foreseeable future. I’m so locked into Apple’s ecosystem that other than a dramatic meltdown from them, or a truly game-changing platform from others, I shall be a happy and satisfied camper in the former category.

Though it’s been nearly two years since I last used a BB, I have always wanted them to succeed. But, the steps taken to rectified the once smartphone behemoth into the forefront of mobile war has been limp. It has been cautious and baby steps instead of the bold and giant leap it needed to catapult itself into the mind of the mass.

Imagine the thoughts going through my mind when I first read about BlackBerry Passport. First there was confusion, a form factor and keypad layout unlike all the previous versions of BlackBerry. Then the review highlighting the prowess of its lovely display. Then came the stronghold of BB – communication. In the review, the predictive messaging did a great job in finishing the message. The smaller keypad takes a while to get used to but it seems the change is for the better.

All these changes – big and small, signalled a radical departure from the dusty old platform. There may be some lingering effects of chasing the pack where it once held pole position, but at least they are making a real effort in retaining the market share of its remaining customers – the executives and the corporate customers.

This phone is not designed for everyone. It may not even interest the slightest for people growing up when BlackBerry is in decline over the years. But for people like me when BB was part of their life, it feels great to see a competent product finally rising from a stagnant company.