Birkenstock Sandals

Some things get better with time – wine, denim, leather, and Birkenstock sandals.

I’m a big fan of the iconic German brand. Got my first pair about 8 years ago and I’m convinced it’s the most comfortable sandal – once you’ve broken them in.

I just started wearing my third pair, a gift courtesy of my sister who’s always looking out and after us. A new pair of Birkenstock sandal is like a pair of new raw jeans – rigid and uncomfortable. They make new acquirers wonder why the hell do people think they’re so comfortable.

Good things come to those who wait. Like how a good pair of raw denim mould to your body, Birkenstock’s contour cork sole slowly takes after the shape of your feet. They fit really snug and comfortable to walk in. They’re durable and hardy. Lost count of the number of times they saved my feet after I tripped or knocked onto objects.

They’re boring and uninspired, just the way I like it. Outside their vibrant colorway which I shunned, their usual offerings have remained the same for as long as I remember.

I highly recommend Birkenstock sandals to anyone who takes the time to break them in. Because once you do, you’ll never go looking for a better pair.