Being Busy Gets Things Done

A wise man once said:

If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person. 

I can relate to this. Having too much time on hand means I have time to procrastinate, to ponder and to idle. Knowing that I can come back to the task at a later time is actually hindering me from completing it right away.

It happens to all of us (at least the majority, I supposed). The more time we have, the less urgency we have to plough through the work. Looking back, the most productive days were always when I’m in a frantic mode, scrambling to make the most out of the limited hours. When things got hectic, the mind and hands worked harmoniously in tackling the issues. I have no option except to execute them right away.

In many ways, it has enabled me to produce stellar work. Not immediately – but they are the foundation that allowed me to refine and polish. Sometimes, we tend to overthink too much. There are times when the way to move forward is to do it.

Here and now.