Becoming A Ready Father

I’m going to be a father soon. I’m not so sure I’m ready.

But are we ever ready for everything?

If all we do is to wait for the ideal time to start something, we will never get started.

I’m worried because financially, I’m in total wreckage. There are plenty of loans to service and debts to clear.

Welcoming a new-born into our family means a few things to me:

  • The dream of living care-free with little commitments is over
  • My wife’s hope of chasing after northern lights will have to be put on hold
  • The liberty of only be accountable for my wife and me will be gone
  • Job hops will have to be more strategically planned
  • I’ve to get used to changing diaper

Most of the things I’ve mentioned above are dealing with the loss of freedom and increase responsibility.

I’m at the age where people around me start having children. Their feeds have transformed from partying to travelling to pictures of their kids.

They told me their baby wake them up in the middle of the night.
They have deeper eye bags.

But I’ve also heard the joy of being parent is the best feeling in the world.

I’m anxious and conflicted, yet eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little one.

What a wonderful feeling this is already.