Basecamp iPad Spinners

I just jumped into the Basecamp bandwagon two weeks ago. A little late into the world’s renowned project management tool I know, but it’s better late than missing out entirely on the best tool, backed up by the finest support. Right?

I certainly hope so.

It takes collaboration to bring out the best in Basecamp. If I’m doing it alone, I’m better off using a simple GTD tool. Omnifocus could be ideal. Or stick to what I’m using now – Todoist and Workflowy. Besides having a central location to access the files and various information, it wouldn’t make sense for me to track my own progress in there. But that’s what I’m doing now, tracking my own progress to ensure I work; to get something done. I can imagine it’s infinitely more powerful with vibrant discussions going on, assigning tasks to people, and other collaboration opportunities.

I may not used any of the product by 37signals (now Basecamp) until recently, but I’m a fan of their blog Signal vs. Noise. Written by Jason Friend, DHH and the rest of their crew, it makes for a good read across various subjects. Its tone is light-hearted, easy to digest and offers personal perspective from various angles.

Sometimes they write about their thought process, and this is exactly what I’m going to show here. The loading icon can be boring, and most times it is. A hourglass, a time bar, or a spinning clock. How about something special, aligned to the identity of the product?

Here’s what Shaun came up with when tasked to design the custom loading screen for the iPad app. Here’s two of my favourite.