Are All Mattresses The Same?

How to cut through the marketing gimmicks of Sealy, Serta, and the rest:

The heart of an innerspring mattress is the coils. Otherwise it’s just foam, cotton, quilting, and stitches. But the big-name mattress makers all get their coils from a single company – Leggett and Platt.

I read it again.

Mattresses are all the same in this case, whether it’s from Sealy or Silly. Big brands spend a lot every year convincing us that they have the latest patented technology that others don’t, and how they come with guarantee that if the mattress sinks more than 0.00365mm, they’d replace it with a new one. Of course, they will come armed with those sophisticated device that seems confusing and hard to operate. Then the staff that came all the way down from the HQ would say “sorry madam, our measurement shows that your mattress is in fine condition. Normal wear and tear is to be expected. Please continue to enjoy sleeping on the bed. And also, thanks to your kind understanding, I’ll now head back to my company and report to back supervisor that all is good.”

It seems crazy to buy a bed from any of the big S – Simons, Serta, Sealy then. Definitely not when you couldn’t tell the difference between an IKEA bed and these. The bottom line is, trust your body and whichever bed provides you with the best experience, that is the bed you should really consider.

(I’m astonished at myself for spending $5,000 on a Sealy bed. Silly me indeed).

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