Apple iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

The reviews are floating in for Apple iPad Pro Magic Keyboard. It’s the most exciting accessory from Apple since AirPod (and AirPod Pro?).

Sure, it would augment a better typing experience. The oh-so-nice key travel, the backlit keyboard, and the responsive trackpad. They all elevate iPad Pro to the next level.

Context is of course, important. As much as I’d love to buy it, my use case just doesn’t warrant it. I certainly don’t write enough on my iPad. And when I do, it’s mostly short-form writing like this, or simple journaling in Day One.

It’s a premium product worth the investment for people who want to get the most out of their iPad Pro. I’m happy with the Smart Keyboard Folio which I’m typing this piece on. The tactility of the keys may not feel as good compared to the Magic Keyboard, but the feedback from Smart Keyboard Folio are good enough to get by. These keys wrapped in faux-material feels squishy yet indestructible. Strange combination, I know.

If there’s one review to read or watch, perhaps consider the one by Drew Coffman. Instead of focusing on the device, he shares how it fits (or not) into his life. The best part of this review? His impeccably delightful home and setup.