Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure definitely lives up to the hype.

Made by Snowman, developer of one of my most frequently used app in Checkmark, Alto’s Adventure is easy to pick up, fun and addictive.

I’m well over my gaming obsessed years. Though I no longer immerse myself in the vast world of Morrowind, the one-more-turn of Heroes of Might & Magic, or the dream of managing my favourite team in Football Manager, I still enjoy the occasional well-made game.

In Alto’s Adventure, you play as a skier gliding downwards (fast) through the changing terrains and obstacles. I particuarly like the transition between the different time period throughout the day. Soundtrack that complements the gameplay is such a delight. Just like Threes with its mesmerizing soundtrack and whimsical sound effect, it basically occupies any nuggets of spare time I have. During commute, in between lunch time and all.

Before Alto’s Adventure came along, all that resides in my sole game folder are Threes, Letterpress and Two Dots. Not very exciting, I know. Alto’s Adventure will add some variety to this for sure.