I got an areopress for my father-in-law a few months back. Though it’s a gift for him, it’s more like an excuse to finally expose myself to good coffee.

I’ve never been a fan of espresso and the likes, because I’m brought up with a hearty cup of Kopi – a traditional, aromatic coffee favoured by the people of Singapore and Malaysia. The taste can’t be more different from the one from Starbucks. Whenever I’m abroad, kopi is the one I missed most.

Nevertheless, I feel it’s good to open up, to learn and appreciate the art of coffee making and tasting. I tried my hands at french press a few times before, and the drink turned out to be mediocre. Tasted like drainage water…something I’ll never forget. My in-law though, makes a fine cup of aeropress-ed coffee. I still have a long way to go, but having another person to enjoy a drink over is a good excuse to go out there and make more coffee.