Ad Network: The End Of The Deck

How do you view advertisements? Most people have disdain for them.

Not me, though. I don’t dislike them because I admire the work of David Ogilvy, and also because I see advertisement in good light. It’s influential in effecting good behavior, changing perceptions and informing the mass.

The Deck was a pioneer of putting non-intrusive ads on the right indie websites for the right audience. Suddenly, placing your ad there became cool and classy.

More interestingly, I discovered many quality sites from The Deck’s page. It sounds strange to say this because it’s typically the other way round.

I once dreamed of being part of it’s network. I also thought I could replicate the mechanics to other indie publications.

The demise of its ad network brings the question of how difficult it is to make it work.

All good things must come to and end. 11 years in the running, a fine run it has been.