Absence Makes The Heart Fonder

They said absence makes the heart fonder.

I’ve been away from work for the past 3 days. Not a long time, I know. But it’s enough to be out of tune with the office’s happenings and what the colleagues are working on. 

Today I got back, received a warm welcome from co-workers and settled immediately with a meeting. It was a much needed discussion, but it should have came much earlier. I don’t see myself doing this work for the rest of my life. 

As far as work is concerned, they’re something that brings me income at the end of every month. It’s a job that I strive to do as well as possible. As much as I try to get satisfaction out of it, I simply couldn’t. I struggle to get out of bed. I look in the mirror and ask what’s the purpose for today? And often, the answer would be none. Or to get to the end of the work day. 

It’s tough mentally to be in an environment you don’t enjoy being in. This bunch of people is amongst the closest I’ve worked with. Boss is a real gentleman. Everything but the job. I can’t do it.

Absence doesn’t just make the heart grow fonder. It also gives you time and space for love to develop. My love for branding and marketing only grew stronger during this absence.