A Walk In The Park On A Friday Morning

An uncle with a head of silver hair stopped by the side of the pathway. He balanced on his bicycle full of groceries bags, looking intently up the sky and fully absorbed by what’s happening above him.

Fighter jets thundered by, leaving a trail of echo that broke the silence on this tranquil park. A typical Friday morning scene, perhaps?

I looked down, my toes feeling a little edgy and uncomfortable. Not the best choice of footwear – a pair of flip flops. 30 minutes ago, I convinced myself it wouldn’t take long and for convenience sake, it’s the quickest solution to get me out the house.

I would never make the same mistake again.

Walking and nature. Therapeutic to mind and body. Now that I’m getting more accustomed to the rhythms of walking, I yearn to do more. Longer and further. Walk the parks, observe the happenings. Walking hightens my scenes, it opens up the world.

I’d love to do more of it.